Sunday, August 8, 2010

Women's Retreat and Conference: Loved It!

Hey Readers,

I left on Thursday Morning for the Women's Retreat and Conference in Pennsylvania, with my church Zion Apostolic and also with All Saints Apostolic Church. We stayed at the Double Tree Resort.
It was such an amazing experience. There was a pool (which I and a couple of other girls spent about 2 hours in), a huge golf court, many restaurants, fitness center, and a beautiful church/chapel {below}. Each morning we did a prayer walk. I have never heard of a prayer walk before; It's really nice. Especially since we were walking around in the beauty of nature having a one-on-one with God.
We spent the majority of the time in the chapel or in the meeting room (which we also used to have church). The presence of God was sooo strong. The Holy Spirit was definitely working. As a matter of fact, one of the teenage girls was filled with the Holy Spirit, right there in the meeting room Friday night. It was so amazing. God really worked during this retreat and conference.
Golf Court
I definitely want to go next year. My new church, Zion Apostolic (my family and I started worshiping with them late August 2009) is the host church of the retreat called Sisters Helping Another Reach Excellence {S.H.A.R.E}. They, along with other churches attend the retreat every year. I really loved it; it was both physically and spiritually fulfilling for me personally!!!
An amazing view of the sky as the sun was setting.
At the end of the weekend, before we went home, we went on a visit of an Amish Village. It was great. We saw their farms and horse and buggy and even a couple of them walking around bare-feat. Their lives are so simple and yet they are so happy.
The picture below is one of the only pictures I took from the Amish visit. They don't allow people to take pictures of the Amish people themselves.
I loved this Llama(I think that's what she is)...she looked like she was smiling for the pictures :)

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