Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Different, Is Who I Am!

Hey Readers,

Ever had the feeling that you're born to stand out and be different?
I have. All my life, I've tried to fit in. Fit in at school, fit in with a certain group of people and even fit in at church.
I've always thought that there was something wrong with me; that maybe I needed to change who I am. Maybe I need to change the way I speak to fit it at school, maybe I need to change the things I do to fit in with this certain group or maybe I need to change the way I dress to fit in with people at church! And unfortunately I have tried faking it. I tired to change myself to be more acceptable and to blend in more...but fortunately it didn't work!
I've tried wearing clothes I know that people at church would like and although they seemed to accept it; I completely hated it!
I've come to the point in my life where I love being different! As long as I know that God is pleased with me and my life, I feel comfortable when I stand out; I feel special.

I have had people tell me, with good intentions I'm sure, that I'm supposed to do this that way and have that this way, but as long as God is pleased with what I'm doing (and He always lets me know when He's displeased) I politely accept their advice, but keep being true to my God and myself!

About a year or two ago, I realized that everyone has different personalities and have had different experiences affects the way they see things. And so when someone tells us something or advises us on something, no matter how good-natured their intentions are, it will be tainted by their personality and their views and they probably wont be the only ones telling us things and giving us advice. So if we hang on to their every word, we will become a confused mess.
This has happened to me before, which is why I realized that I must stay true to God and the person he made me.
Remember though, that we learn new things everyday that we are alive and we grow as we see things in new ways. God uses people to help us along, but be sure to not let anyone change us!

I am very grateful for the people that God uses to speak to and enlighten me, and I am also very grateful that he has allowed me to be different from everyone around me! And that He is with me, so that every one's words and advice wont sway me, from the kind of person I am!

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