Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Personal Bible Study!

Hello Readers,

I decided that I need to strengthen some of the weakest parts of my spiritual life, starting with: my knowledge of the Bible.
I don't know much about the Bible. I learned a lot of the popular stories and a few parables from Sunday school, but I know that I need to know more. I want to learn more about people in the Bible like, Ester, Daniel, Joshua and much more, who God used in mighty ways. Since I've offered up my life for God to use me to do His work; I might as well take some of these anointed people from the Bible as examples.

I'm starting with Ester (for no specific reason). I've read Ester 1-5 already and I've learned a good amount so far.
When a read a certain amount of chapters, I write about what I learned. I think that after the end of each book that I read, I'll write a post about it and how it does/can affect my (and your) life. So look out for that :)

~God Bless! :)

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