Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pretty Little Study Bible

Hey Readers,

I went to Barnes and Noble's today with my beau and in the Bibles section found this bright pink study Bible.

It's the Student's Life Application Study Bible NLT( New Living Translation)

I spent some time flipping through it with him and came to the conclusion that: I love it! I want this bible (or one that maybe didn't come in such a bright pink color).

What I Love About It...

The New Living Translation Bible versions are so much easier to read than New/King James version. The old biblical words are translated (with the meaning kept) to words that are used currently and easily understandable, as much as I love my New Kings James Version, it is a lot easier to read the NLT.

I also like the fact that within the Bible there are side notes such as other young Christians' experiences with real life situations, an "I wonder" list of questions about what the bible says about certain issues (tattoos, sexual temptations, revenge, etc.) and much more!

I really recommend this bible to teens and college students/young adults. I'm going to continue looking for a nice study Bible and if I don't find one as much as I do this one, I think I'll get it, hopefully in another than the sky blue or something :)

~God Bless! :)

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