Sunday, July 25, 2010

That Sneaky Little...

Hello Readers,

This past week I've learned and realized, (more than ever before) that the devil will use anything, anyone and any situation to get people down, and get them to stop praying, reading their bible, trusting in God and ultimately to draw further and further away from Him as possible.

Things that I never realized would happen, get me down, make me feel like not praying, reading my Bible and fasting... is doing exactly that!

Today I was in church and I realized that I wasn't giving God praise the way he should be praised. And it was because of this situation I was dealing with since Saturday night and it had put me out of the mood to praise (which, even as I'm typing it now sounds ridiculous). And I had to pray right there, I said "Lord, please forgive me. Help me to realize that no matter what the situation is, no matter who said what or who hurt me, that has nothing to do with me praising my God."

And this might sound crazy to most (still sounds a bit crazy to me), but no matter what's going on: how much you're hurting, how worried you are...try and I mean really TRY to focus on God and praise him as if life is PERFECT. As if there's absolutely nothing to worry, hurt or cry about...just praise God.
That pisses the devil off but I believe that's exactly what God wants to see: that kind of faith in Him and faithfulness toward Him! :)

The details of the situation, the person nor the thing really doesn't matter, if it's getting you down and you don't feel like praying and reading your's the devil working. Simple as that! I saw it so clearly today. He has so many sneaky ways of getting people to take their mind off God: fear, pain, anger, being hurt and the list goes on!

However, I know that as a Child of God I have stronger weapons: Prayer and Praise. If I can only pray for the strength to praise...that sneaky little devil has gotta go! :)

Stay strong!
~God Bless! :)

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