Friday, July 2, 2010

Introduction: My God IS My Life!

Hello Readers,

I've created this blog to write about God and my life.
I want to live a God-centered life. Every aspect of my life: school, work, friends, dating/marriage, fun, entertainment...etc, should revolve around God somehow. I no longer want to seperate God from the rest of my life!
I have so many thoughts and musings and this blog will serve as an ear and encouragment to me and all those interested in reading. I want to be able to re-read my old posts when I'm down and be encouraged to keep living for God!
Feel free to follow, read and comment! I want to know your stories & feelings and I want you to encourage me too !

My disclaimer: I am not a pastor, preacher, I did not attend bible school, I am not a professional of any all :)
I am just a young Christian living (for God) as I learn and learning (about God) as I live.

~God Bless! :-)

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