Saturday, July 31, 2010

Books I've Read: Perfecting Kate By Tamara Leigh

Perfecting Kate By Tamara Leigh

This is another good Christian- fiction read. The main character Kate Meadows, feels self conscious especially around her gorgeous roommate Mia. So much so, that when not one but two guys show interest in her, she's still baffled as to why.
Kate wants a guy to settle down with but she wants a Christian guy. One seems more 'religious' than the other but also makes her feel ugly by pointing out all her flaws. The other a Christian who's backslid, and has his own heavy burdens that he's still carrying.
Kate trusts God to send her a man that will accept her outward flaws and well as a serious 'inward' problem she has.
I like this book. This is the book that put the idea of keeping a Prayer Journal in my mind.
Check it out! ;)
~God Bless! :)

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