Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Writing's My Thing!

I love writing. About anything and everything.

I especially love writing stories. Every summer since I was 17, I think, I would write my 'story' it's a novel that I've been working on in hopes of getting it published one day!

My English professor is trying to get to change my major to English, because she thinks I'm a good writer. I don't really consider myself a 'good' writer though. I'm not as good as I know I can be, at least not as yet.

I love writing and I put a lot into my writing--and I'm not talking essays and research papers, those I don't care for too much.

I think that because of how much I love to write, I put much more effort and thought into it and I think that's the reason my professor considers me a good writer.

When It come to research papers and essays and even my spelling and grammar sometimes (I don't know if it's obvious I have a problem with run-on sentences) I need a little work. But, creative writing I Love.

I thank God that I've found a passion. Something that I love to do and willing to become great at it!

-God Bless!

P.S: We're studying poetry now in my English class and I found this lovely poem on called "A Better Resurrection by Christina Rossetti. It's a really nice Christian poem. Hope you guys can check it out.

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