Saturday, November 27, 2010

Be My Hands, Eyes and Brain!

I have my first 8-12 page paper to write! The most I've ever written was 6 pages, at most!

I've known about this paper at the beginning of the semester, but kept telling myself that "I have time" or "I'll start next week", but now The paper is due Wednesday, December 1st and I'm mostly still in the research phase! AHHHHHH!!

I keep procrastinating( ahem...blogging at this moment) to keep myself from having a meltdown!
And I still have a lot of planning to do, because this is a big paper and like all papers, you need a thesis to let the reader know which direction you're headed with the paper. So, I still have to narrow down the broad topic of 'Fredrick Douglass' into a part in his life that I can focus on!

I had to say a quick prayer asking God to be my hands, eyes and brain to help me get through this paper. I know once I get started it will seem easier, but for me, getting started on a paper is always the hardest part!
So If you don't see any blog updates until after Dec. 1st, you know why!!

God Bless!

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