Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Poor Generation

I feel oh-so-sorry for my generation. I really do.
I think it's so sad how it seems like so many young people are just spiraling downward, and couldn't care less.

I'm always shocked and in awe when I see a guy (females are a little better sometimes) around my age--mid teens to mid twenties--reading on the bus or train. Especially if he's of African decent. It's just so rare that I do a double take.
Most people my age are concerned with parties, drugs, sex, violence--all the stereotypes actually. I hate saying that because I hate stereotyping, but it's so true.

It makes me not want to have any kids. If things are like this now, then I really can't imagine how it's going to be in fifteen to twenty years.
This is the exact reason I have a close relationship with my little brother and sister. I don't want them to turn out like some of the kids I see. It makes me so sick. I talk to them and make sure I let them know that I think they're so much better and can do much better than that.

I'm really praying for a change, otherwise It's not going to be a bright future---at all!

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