Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh Lord, Grant Me...Humility!

Humility! It seems to be the only way to keep our heads on straight, when dealing with individuals who feel they are infallible.

It is hard to not lose our mind, when someone is wrong (whether they know it or not) but yet keep insisting on being right. It can make anyone go insane.
Remaining humble is the best way to hand situations like that!

It's natural to want to prove our point and tell someone when they're wrong. However, remaing quiet and humbling ourselves is the best way to handle things.

I am dealing with someone with that infallible attitude right now. Everytime we have a disagreement, the individual feels the need to raise their voice, speak over me and refuses to hear that they're wrong or mistaken.
It is so stressful!
Later on after that disagreement, the individual would realize that they were wrong and still not say a word to me. At that moment, it is my job to be humble and not say "I told you so!"

It's tough, but humility is the only way to keep our heads above water.

God Bless!

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