Thursday, December 2, 2010

Perfection? Not In This Lifetime!

Alright, so maybe it's me.

Maybe I'm thinking too much into this? Casting my shadow on others perhaps.

But, I still can't shake the thought that a lot of Christians are trying to put themselves across as being perfect.
It's one thing to shun sin and another to act as though we have nothing to do with it! People sin daily, otherwise there wouldn't be a reason to repent and pray for forgiveness. Someone, correct me if I'm wrong.

Whether ''big sin''(Adultery, fornication, murder) or ''small sin''(lying, hatred, malice), intentional or unintentional, it's a part of our lives. No human is perfect.

I believe that the church should be like a hospital, not where the sick feels unwelcome and out of place. I am in no way saying the church should welcome sinners who is in the church praising God and still wallowing in their sin outside the church. What I am saying is, it's ridiculous for someone who commits a sin and is in the church fixing their wrongs, to feel like something is ''wrong'' with them and that they shouldn't be in the church. That's outrageous!
And the 'funny' thing is, the ones feeling superior to the sinner are usually the ones pretending to be perfect.

Which worse though? Committing a sin and striving to get above it or committing a sin but yet acting as though we don't know what sin is??

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  1. thats true. no one on this earth is perfect. we as humans all have faults and at some point have given in to sin. no one should feel like they are above others n any form, we are all equals and need to stop acting like we are superior to others for any reason, christian, or not.