Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Unexpectable

Hey Readers,

I'm so sorry for not having posted in so long. It's not because of school, because the work hasn't gotten so bad as yet. It's because the free public wifi (wireless Internet) that I have been depending on for Internet connection, is suddenly not working!
It's been working perfectly fine for months, but now all of a sudden (when school started back) it has decided not to work :-(
I'm trying to find a solution to this very inconvenient and annoying problem and in the meantime I'm using my relative's computers.
It's really getting to me because my professors post class assignments online and I would hate to miss an assignment because I have no Internet access.
However, I know who my God is! And that there is no aspect of my life that he can't handle. So like everything else, I'm putting this into his hands!

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