Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello, I'm Here For The Position Of Time Manager

 Is time management a real career option? It should be. It's hard work.

I have a hard time assigning everything to a time and sticking to it. If I begin to feel overwhelmed with a certain task currently at hand. I choose flight over fight. I pretty sure I'm using this method out of context, but it seems as though I want to run away and do something less stressful and demanding (like blogging) until I can get myself together and get back to work. 

It sounds normal. As I re-read everything that I wrote, I'm thinking well, that's a pretty normal thing to do.

 Anyway, I need to better manage my time. I have seen how well things go when everything is done within it's time slot. I can sleep well at night knowing that I've had a pretty productive day. I'll have to get back to that; I'm only getting older.
I've been trying to become more productive ever since someone pointed out Proverbs 6: 6 to me. It reads, Go to the ant, you sluggard; observe it's ways and be wise. I felt insulted at first (obviously, right?) but then I realized that was something that I truly needed to hear. I still don't wake 5am every morning and have a productive hour until 10pm when I got to bed to do it all again, but I'm working on my own ways of being productive. 

I hope you will too. 
Enjoy your day and remember to be wise

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