Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life Gets You Busy

I've been pretty busy lately- though not only with "work"-related things.
There was many times when I was busy having fun with my family and friends.
And so blogging took a back seat. I like to blog, but I won't sacrifice precious moments for it - neither will anyone, for that matter. 

What's new?

-Well, I've been reading The Great Gatsby! Still on chapter 3- even though I started reading it in December. A great shame.
It was suggested by my old English professor to read some great works of literature and Gatsby was on his list, so I embarked on the journey.

-I received an awesome (and cute) Bible in the mail today. I was on www.crosswalk.com a couple of months ago and clicked on a link to sign up for a free Bible by Youth For Christ. I already have one but I figured why not...it's a free Bible! Weeks later, already forgotten about, it came as quite a surprise! 
I tried to take a picture, but it came out terrible. So instead I'll grab my camera and do a little review on it as soon as I can. 

You can check out either http://www.yfc.org or http://www.crosswalk.com/ to see if you can order a free copy. Like I said before, I ordered this months ago so the free Bibles might have been a limited promotion or something. I wish I told my friends and family about it when I discovered it, but I took it lightly. 

Until next time, Enjoy your day and God bless!

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