Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally Back

I want to apologize to those who read my blog.
It was not my intention to abandon it for 2 months. But, you know...yea.

Anyway, I'm back and I'm gonna try to stay 'back'

What's been going on

1. So, I completely slacked off on my 'Reading the New Testament through 2011' (I think I read like 5 chapters [if not less] a month-- yes, I am ashamed)

2. I've been reading like it's my day job (since I'm on vacation from school [did I mention that?] I have a little more time to read. Which means, I have been choosing to not read my Bible on certain days-- more shame)

3. Loving the G.A weather (I'm still in Georgia, and though not currently, the weather has been awesome, I feel like I've missed out on winter-- love it)

All in all, I've been busy, but I have made time to enjoy life's short but precious moments.
Hope you've been doing the same.

'till next time,
God Bless!

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